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Working with the Homeless

Working with the Homeless

On Saturday, February 11th, 2017, I went for a visit to see some of my friends down South. Allen Acosta (minister of governmental injustice-COTG), took me to his street feeds that he helps out at. I couldn’t believe what I witnessed. There were volunteers at 8am starting their portable grills with an impressive amount of batter, eggs, water, tortillas, cheese, fruit, and oil. All of this went to preparing a warm plate of food just down the road from a warming shelter in Olympia. It was ice cold. So cold your fingers would start to go numb. Of course, I was the only one who appeared to have this problem, everyone else was so busy preparing food you’d think by the smiles on their face they were on a vacation. People had prepared food for nearly 200 hundred people. Not only was there a hot plate prepared bu there was one dedicated man who made what seemed to be almost 100 meatloaf sandwiches! They looked delicious, and there were other forms of portable food they could take for later on. What incentive do these people have? They didn’t have much besides the fact that they care about the community. Allen informed me that these people were here no matter the weather, and it happened more than once a  week every week. Incredible I thought! There were children serving people who looked as if that meal was the best part of their entire week.


Allen Acosta Minister of Governmental Injustice; Avery Hufford President, and David Olive Advocate


My hope is that the Church of the Gardens organization (member of Garden alliance) can recreate what I witnessed up north. I am going to continue to go down south to join them and bring more resources for them. They informed that their operation was existing on a prayer and people’s unadulterated altruism with supplies and tools that looked all to over used. I thought to myself what if these had just a little more help from the community, what if people were to put a little more effort and resources into building projects like these ones. The communities in our area are struggling in the area of the homeless. We can discuss all day what causes homelessness but after all the arguments have been said and done we need start building up our communities by just putting the care and time. Hoping for a better community one that all of us can directly help in. Allen also informed me that local city ordinances are working as counter forces against their work. I didn’t see them interrupt it though because as I was informed, crime in the area has gone down because of their services. It gives people hope and gives these people a sense of community. Why would they sabotage the community working for them? Hopefully, the good work they do will continue and we can build our communities stronger in this manner. One day the Church of the Gardens organization will strive to build something like that.

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