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The Women’s March

The Women’s March

Yesterday much of the day was spent by the media reporting on the “Women’s March”.  It was an event that was held all over the country, and coordinated by many women who had said it was to send a message to the new administration.  The message, though somewhat similar amongst the different groups, was also somewhat confused due to the “messages” given by the various celebrities and politicians that were invited to speak at the various events.  If this was designed to motivate women into action, I can tell you that it certainly didn’t motivate me.  And here is why.

I have never understood why some women want to portray themselves and other women as victims. Those who believe we are should take a look at other women across the world and how they are treated. I believe we have to quit sharing and believing that narrative. And as for the issue of abortion. . if women truly believe that “men” dictate what we can do with our bodies then why are there not more women elected into congress and the senate? Roe v. Wade is 44 years old and it is still the #1 issue for many women. Why? We have the equal pay act, the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act. We can vote, own homes, work, get an education. Men do not control your destiny, you do.

I believe that now is the time for all of us to come together as a Nation and focus our attention on the real issues.  Issues related to hunger and homelessness.  A government that is less than responsive to the people and a justice system that is out of reach to many.  We need to cease the “gender divide” and work together collectively on the issues in our communities that matter.  If you truly want to “send a message”, do so by volunteering, donating and put your energy towards making real change.  Pledge to end the divisiveness and take positive steps towards making our communities stronger.

2 Replies to “The Women’s March”

  1. Well said Pam! Wow. On the issues where there is 50/50 agree/disagree (or even 55/45 or 60/40), it seems there needs to be more time for society to engage in further debate until greater agreement allows us to move forward such as issues most people (2/3rds [or more perhaps?]) care about which includes wanting more jobs, better education, economic growth, freedom of speech, tolerance of one another, safety, fairness to all regardless of race, color, creed, gender, religious freedom, Bill of Rights issues, care of truly needy, homelessness, stopping illegal drug dealing, etc, and LOTS LOTS MORE that all sides want! Pam is right that we should focus on things that we all (or a very large majority) agree on and on things where we can impact change. These things are a-political, nonpartisan and “all American” things. It’s time for unity not disunity which blocks change. Nice work Pam!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I am hopeful that we can get people engaged in a way that positively impacts our communities and doesn’t further highlight political differences. Time will tell if this was merely a show for politics sake.

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